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Wholesale Coffee Supplier

We specialize in supplying the café and hotel industries both nationwide and internationally. Additionally, we offer a successful retail range of coffees and teas.

If you're seeking excellent coffee with the added benefit of retail bags, let's talk!


The first step in selecting the right coffee for your business is for us to understand your unique needs and preferences. Contact us to arrange a visit to our roastery, where we can gain a deeper understanding of how we can help grow your business.

We are a one-stop shop for all your needs, including coffee, syrups, chai, equipment, and more. Beyond providing top-quality products, we offer expert advice on all aspects of running a successful coffee business. Our team has extensive experience in managing and working in bustling café environments.

Moreover, we have a wealth of experience in the service and hotel industries, supplying leading hotels and restaurants in Ireland, such as Mount Juliet, Carton House, and Patrick Guilbaud.

As well as offering excellent coffees, and advice, we also offer extensive staff training through onsite visits with followup training available.